Friday, December 19, 2014

A 79th cheer to them all!

The Lanka Sama Samaja Party was formed 79 years ago. It hasn't been easy. There have been compromises and there have been coalitions. Alliances have been formed. Ideals have been abandoned. Factions have broken away, only to reconnect after some time. But through them all, one name, which connects 1935 with 1948 and 1948 with 1972, remains.

We see a Party that achieved much, that handed to us the freedom we had wanted all along. We saw freedom paraded across the streets, as though it were the private property of one man or one party. The LSSP stood by their ideals. They gave to us what was rightfully ours. We became kings. We were made sovereign. And for that, may we ever be grateful.

Here’s a cheer to them, then. To all those revolutionaries who fought tooth and nail. To all those who didn’t stop with the White Man’s flag and rope. To all those who charted ’48 to ’72. To all those who became neither “Nobodies” nor “Somebodies”. May verses and songs do justice to them. May they never be overlooked. And may compromise, no matter what some will say against it, neither taunt nor taint their legacy.